by Daniel McNeet on May 16, 2012

Good day, good people.

For devotees of the English language: Philalethe is a noun. It means one who loves to forget.

Bullying has been brought to the fore again as a result of an episode Mitt Romney and some of his classmates engaged in when he was a senior at Cranbrook School in 1965. A bully is an aggressive person who intimidates or mistreats weaker people. If the episode was true, and his classmates said it was, then he and the classmates whom participated with him were bullies. The question is: Is it relevant today as a candidate? I do not think so.

What may be relevant is: his classmates remember the horrific bullying today, have come forward with the information and one of them said he apologized to the victim afterward. According to his classmates, Romney was the instigator, led the bullying party of think alikes, cut off one of his classmates bleached-blonde hair while his co-bullies held him down — only because he was different. This is called intolerance. And of course, because he was the governor of Michigan’s son at the time, he received no punishment. Romney may have also enjoyed an above the law attitude at the time. And, considering the outcome, he was right.

Romney said he does not remember the incident. Logic dictates if his classmates remember the details of the horrific misconduct vividly to this day and he said he does not, what are we to think? Has he lied to the nation? Is he a philalethe? If he has, is it relevant?

Romney’s conduct at Bain Capital fits into the definition of bullying. He took advantage of weaker, vulnerable people for profit. According to psychiatric definitions, people who engage in bullying suffer from anti-social personality disorder or the new inclusion sadistic personality disorder (one who derives pleasure from others pain).

His conduct and remarks during the campaign lead the listeners to believe he is without empathy or compassion for the less fortunate among us. He cannot have empathy unless he has been middle class or poor. But he could have compassion if he has been neither. But does he, this is the question? A man without compassion for his fellow Americans, is he fit to be president?

In every affirmative there is a negative and vice versa. The affirmative is: bullying and intolerance have been brought to the fore. People who have the responsibility to prevent it need to address this anti-social personality disorder or the new inclusion sadistic personality disorder (one who derives pleasure from others pain) when the episodes occur.

What is your thought if Romney lied to the nation? Is it alright to lie if you are a politician and you want to get elected or re-elected?

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