California’s Corrupt Legislators

by Daniel McNeet on September 3, 2017

The last of August is the season for egregious bribery to members of the California legislature. Lobbyist and special interest groups meet members of the legislature in different venues. Each member has his palm extended forward and facing up. The accommodating palm makes it easy for the corrupters, lobbyists, and special interest groups, to make deposits.

The money paid to the members goes ostensibly into their campaign for election or reelection, but the bribes are not effectively disguised as campaign contributions. There are two times when the corrupters and the corrupted must meet. First, is when legislation is to be introduced and second when bills are to be approved or killed. Then there is the constant casual and addicting fund raising during the year.

You know a bribe when you can do what Deep Throat, the deputy director of the FBI, told Washington Post’s Bob Woodward to do: “Follow the money.” Here the corrupters pay the members the bribe. They want a specific bill killed, and it happens. They want the wording changed in a specific bill, it happens, and the bill passes. The corrupters write the legislation, give it a member, and it gets passed. Why, because the members of the legislature are bent like the trees below.

Lobbyist and special interest groups deposit about forty thousand dollars per member per the two fundraising seasons for a total of eighty thousand.

The citizens of California are the victims. When are they going to do something about legalized bribery? After all, victims do have rights. A class action might get the attention of the corrupted, members of the legislature.

Imitation of Obesity

Imitation of Obesity

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