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by Daniel McNeet on December 5, 2012

Good day, good people.

Should people who use food stamps be limited to purchasing nutritional food only and prohibited from purchasing junk food and alcoholic beverages?

I went to breakfast with a friend of mine. We spent two hours discussing how to decorrupt the U.S. Congress and the launching by the Occupy Wall Street’s movement of Rolling Jubilee. It plans to buy people’s debt with money gathered from donations, and then cancel it, freeing the debtor from their burden. The group hopes those that benefit will then donate back to the group in a pay-it-forward type plan. Finally, he asked me the question above and my thoughts on the subject are below.

For devotees of the English language: Superbiate is a verb. It means to make arrogant or haughty.

The federal and state’s governments have the best interests of the American people in mind when they try to dictate their eating and drinking habits to try to prevent the growing epidemic of obesity and/or morbid obesity in the United States. The governments are trying to eradicate obesity like any other insidious disease.

Usually obesity is the result of overeating, but in one percent of cases excess weight gain is a symptom of another disease such as:

Hypothyroidism: This is a condition where the thyroid gland, located in the neck, produces too little thyroid hormone.
Cushing’s syndrome: This condition results when the adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) produce an excess amount of a steroid hormone called cortisol. This leads to a build-up of fat in characteristic sites such as the face, upper back and abdomen.
Depression: Some people with depression overeat, which can lead to obesity.
Additionally, there are also certain inherited conditions and other diseases of the brain that can cause excess weight gain. Certain medications, notably steroids, some antidepressants, and high-blood pressure drugs, and seizure medications can also cause increased body weight.

The addicted and unaware overweight, obese and morbidly obese, one hundred pounds over your set weight, among us do not realize and/or do not care about their own health risks — diabetes, coronary heart disease and other health problems. Additionally, these people who are engaging in this addictive behavior and without discipline are living in a Me Society. There is no consideration for those who are not overweight, obese or morbidly obese by the Unawares among us. They are responsible for increased health-care costs and premium payments for themselves and others. Their misconduct is impacting the financial ability of others to pay for their health care.

So far, it appears that all of the attempts the governments have tried are not working. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York has banned large soft drinks, caused the fast-food industry to post the calories information and restricted trans-fat use by all the restaurants in the city.

Some governments have warnings on potential food poisoning if you eat rare hamburgers, control where liquor can be purchased, control the sale of raw milk for human consumption, special taxes on soft-drink sales and trying to control food choices.

Research in New York City demonstrated all efforts to control eating habits of the people were ineffective. Some regulations caused businesses to increase their costs of producing products in order to comply.

If Michael Bloomberg would really like to make a contribution to the better health of New Yorkers, he would make it illegal to import, manufacture or use any malodorous, carcinogenic tobacco products. Tobacco is more addicting than heroin or cocaine.

Are Americans willing to pay for higher-food prices in order to eat healthier? Do Americans want the governments to decide what is and what is not nutritional food? If an American decides to eat healthy food, all of the opportunities are readily available. Labeling of ingredients, if labeled honestly by the manufacture, is a good idea. The only thing wrong with the United States of America is: there are just too many good choices in every area of our society.

We all have two-bad habits: breathing and eating. Eating habits and desires for food are addictive. We all know there is no way to treat an addict successfully if the addict does not want to be treated. It appears herein lies the sticky wicket. How do you treat a junk-food addict or addiction to overeating which causes obesity for one’s own good health if he or she does not want to be treated?

Unaware people on the Food Stamps Program should have the same rights as everyone else to choose what they wish to eat and drink. Yes, the Unawares have the right to engage in their addictive-selfish self-indulgence of food to the detriment of themselves and others. Does it show a lack of respect for themselves and others?

What do you suggest we do with those Unawares whom superbiate by continuing to commit slow suicide? How can they be educated and motivated to become healthy and stop them from their lack of consideration for themselves and for others and from increasing their own health-care costs and premiums for themselves and others?

Physical education in K12 schools has been eliminated or curtailed because of budget cuts to the detriment of the students’ good health. Obese teachers and parents are poor-role models for their students and children and must be educated to prevent their students and children from becoming obese and unhealthy like their parents and teachers. Is this child abuse?

There is no benefit in being overweight, obese or morbidly obese. Your feet, ankles, knees, hips, heart and lower back do not like you because you are making them carry the extra weight.

I knew a business man who wore a suit and tie to work. Because he was addicted to food, he could not control his weight. He had three-sets of suits — overweight, obese and morbidly obese. His tailor loved him.

What is your thought on the contribution you can make to the obesity epidemic?

I hope this article will give you something to consider and discuss. To be successful you must understand other people’s opinions and care about them.

Many have asked me if it is alright to publish my weekly column with attribution on their blog, Facebook, website and/or forward it to another. Yes, you may do either or all. If you do, I thank you for the compliment. All Rights Reserved

Contacting me with comments and constructive criticisms at Daniel McNeet with honesty and pleasantness their constant companions will always be welcomed.

Imitation of Obesity

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