Forensics: Art or Science

by Daniel McNeet on June 30, 2016

Good day, good people. The word for the day is: Procryptic, an adjective. It means camouflaged.

The only real scientifically-sound forensic evidence when properly analyzed which should be used in a court of law is DNA.

All of the following below do not have any scientifically sound forensic evidence but procryptic for their admissibility in a court of law. It is more art than science. And yet more than fifty percent of wrongful convictions are a result of improperly handled forensic science.

• Ballistics
• Bite Marks
• Blood Splatter Analysis
• Fingerprints
• Footwear Impressions
• Hair Analysis
• Tool Marks

The National Academy of Science’s Report on a Path Forward concluded the contamination of a crime scene, compromised, by police, technicians and others suggested justice cannot be served. This is what experts believed happened in the O.J. Simpson double-murder case. The defense proved evidence had been moved, police put Nicole Brown’s blood on O.J.’s sock, they lost a crucial fingerprint from the front gate, a bloody envelope was moved, and shoeprint evidence was not collected properly. The defense prosecuted the LAPD’s incompetency, and Simpson was found not guilty.

No one should be convicted on the evidence of any eyewitness or informant. There must be additional corroborating evidence.

Be patient. Listen and read what others have to say; you may learn something you want to know.

What is your thought on the contribution you can make by contacting the attorney general in your state and suggest the rules of admitting evidence be changed?

I hope this article will give you something to consider and discuss. To be successful, you must understand other people’s opinions and care about them.

I care about your opinion. Contacting me with comments and constructive criticisms at Daniel McNeet with honesty and pleasantness their constant companions will always be welcomed.

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