National Embarrassment

by Daniel McNeet on May 30, 2012

Good day, good people.

For devotees of the English language: Casuisitry is a noun. It means applying ethical rules to particular cases.

Man’s inhumanity to man comes in many forms. It is not always direct and visible. Sometimes it is more insidious and subtle.

Why is it that people who are the most vulnerable, without a lobby, without an association, without money, not rich, without influence or power, without the ability to protect themselves are always the victims of budget cuts by the lobbyists, the rich, influential, powerful and those people without empathy or compassion — the legislators who vote to cut benefits to the homeless, the elderly, people with disabilities, children living in poverty and abuse victims. Let the legislators who are taking money to influence their votes take the cuts and not accept the perquisites. It is easy to oppress and repress the defenseless — ask Paul Ryan and look at his budget proposal. The House Budget Committee voted 21-9 to approve the Ryan budget plan, another empathetic and compassionate group of 30. Have the members of the committee applied casuistry when they voted?

Religious organizations have labeled the Ryan budget unfair because it would exclude children of immigrant citizens and increase poverty — the vulnerable among us.

Also, two million families would lose essential food security and a benefit to others through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by Ryan’s deplorable conduct and plan.

The homeless, elderly, children living in poverty and abuse victims will be affected by the lack of aid from the Social Services Block Grant in the Ryan budget plan.

There are moral issues which need to be addressed by the noncaring members of Congress. The above cuts do not pass the moral-sense test.

I have always admired and respected the cowards among us who prey on, take advantage of and kill the defenseless.

What is your thought on the contribution the Ryan budget plan will have for the benefit of the American people? It does not address long term debt. Would it not be better to implement Simpson-Bowles and have term limits for members of Congress?

How do we fix this? My suggestion is: We voters remove the intractable-tax-pledge signers and ideologues from Congress whom are working for themselves, the lobbyists, big corporations which I call sovereigns, and replace them with Millennials whom enjoy solving problems and are dedicated to working for those who pay their salaries — the American people.

I have thrown some punches for what I believe in. I hope this post will give you something to consider.

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