Twitching Feet

by Daniel McNeet on September 2, 2021

Good People, do your feet twitch during the day or at night when trying to sleep? The sciatica nerve may be the cause. If so, try this to alleviate. It works for me.

When you are ready to get into bed, sit on the side of the bed, lean back, lie on your back, put your feet on top of the bed, and relax for a moment or two. Spread your knees and pull your knees and thighs toward your chest. Pull your knees and thighs as far as possible to your chest. Hold them there for about twenty seconds.

When you are ready to get into bed, place a king-size foam pillow in first. The softer eiderdown or non-foam pillow may not keep your knees separated and in alignment while you sleep. Get into bed, turn, and rest on your left side to prevent heartburn, and allow gravity to move waste through your colon. Alternate sides if your shoulder bothers you. Place the pillow between your knees and calves toward your ankles. Lodge the pillow you use for your head against the top of your left shoulder and neck. Then extend your feet downward.

Clear your mind with your breathing exercise if needed and fall asleep.

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