American Plague 2016

by Daniel McNeet on October 19, 2019


The flagrant misconduct of the president of the United States of America, *trump, during his time in office, has been his transmission of an insidious plague. It is allowing his brain’s contagion to infect without restraint and embolden the delusionals, gullibles, haters, neo-Nazis, recipients, racists, white supremacists, and the unawares into believing their imitations of the beliefs of trump, anti-Semitism, bigotry, denigration, hate, homomania, lack of consideration, and respect of others, racism, and deadly violence is acceptable behavior. It is not.

Also, trump’s insidious plague is received worldwide with consternation. It is the constant bullying, defamation, disloyalty, disrespect of others with concerted inaccuracies and insults, lies of unfounded information promulgated to the masses. trump’s negatives, infidelity, perfidy, are incurable cancer in the brain and soul of trump. It is highly contagious, and his conduct is poisoning our society. It is deadly — unchecked and unpreventable domestic terrorism is in the fore and the result of this national disease.

There is no doubt someone informed trump about the poison of the plague used by Adolph Hitler with success. But did they also tell him, the name of trump will go down in history with the same acrimony, infamy, and dishonor which Hitler enjoys today? If they did, his ego, which is larger than the Universe, told him, “It won’t happen to you.”

Why do we know this to be true? Because trump does not read, has not read the Constitution, and is semiliterate. He is without compassion, consideration, or empathy for others — an amoralist. The obvious foundation for this statement is: The persecution of the immigrants, separating children from their parents, putting children into cages, and parents into intolerable camps without proper food or health care to unite from within the people in America. The consequences of his contagion are crimes, international disgrace, and Crimes Against Humanity. The amorality of the mistreatment of the immigrants in this insidious plague is one step away from The Final Solution — the American Holocaust. The final act of the plague is the termination of the persecuted, but which criminal and illegal method does trump have in mind?

Finally, trump’s amoral abandonment of the Christian Kurds in Syria to be murdered by Turkey’s military, Christian Genocide, is acceptable to his brain’s contagion. Turkey’s military murdered 700,000 to 1,000,000 Armenians, the Armenian Genocide, during and after World War I. This tells the world trump is not a Christian, cannot be trusted, and is a proponent of genocide. He demonstrated, on an ongoing and never-ending basis his enjoyment of callous indifference to the suffering of others. He is also guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

How long will the protectors of the Constitution, the members of Congress, the justices of the Supreme Court, and bureaucrats in the trump administration continue to be the obsequious sycophants, co-conspirators, and co-collaborators in promoting trump’s plague to the detriment of the hardworking Good People in America? When will the decision-makers expose their opposition to the plague to the voting misinformed trump supporters? The Great Experiment, the Republic, needs the serum to cure trump’s contagion more desperately than the Ebola virus.

The serum is Articles of Impeachment by the House of Representatives. Then two-thirds of the senators must find him guilty. Finally, he will be removed from the office with infamy eternal. If not, the hardworking Good People of America must inject trump with an additional serum — his defeat in the 2020 election. The further benefits of his defeat will be multiple indictments for the crimes he has committed before and while in office, convictions, and then the coup de grace, or would you prefer pièce de résistance, sentenced to imprisonment for life in solitary confinement to enjoy the only company he enjoys and respects.

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*The author uses a lowercase t for trump intentionally to demonstrate maximum disappointment and disrespect for his continuing egregious misconduct, his betrayal of the hardworking Good People in America, his disregard of the Constitution, destroy the Republic, and to rule as an autocrat.

Theodore Roosevelt Criticism of the President




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