Parochial Hypocrisy

December 5, 2012

Good day, good people. Parochial hypocrisy in America has caused the downfall of many good people for no good reason. For devotees of the English language: I have sought […]

“Lincoln” A Commentary by Daniel McNeet

November 28, 2012

Good day, good people. I had a rewarding experience recently. I would like to share it with you, and maybe you will be rewarded too if you experience it. […]

America, Land That I Love

November 14, 2012

Good day, good people. Respect for others and tolerance are nation builders and the cornerstone of a liberal democracy — the United States of America. It is the land […]

Taking Responsibility

November 7, 2012

Good day, good people. “If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own […]

Death Penalty

October 31, 2012

Good day, good people. When made aware of man’s inhumanity to man, indifference and silence are the greater crimes. The innocent who are imprisoned for crimes they did not […]

Oppression and Repression of Women

October 25, 2012

Good day, good people. Willard Mitt Romney has vowed, if he is elected, to overturn the Roe versus Wade decision which legalized abortion. It was passed by the Supreme […]

Global Awareness and Interdependence

October 24, 2012

Good day, good people. Be patient. Listen and read what others have to say; you may learn something you want to know. It is true there are Americans, but […]