A Request of the Hardworking Good People of America

by Daniel McNeet on October 8, 2019

A Request of the Hardworking Good People of America


Daniel McNeet

Now is the time for all good women and men to come to the aid of their country. No one can stay behind in this fight against corruption and inequality in America. At this moment in time, the founders of the Great American Experiment, the Republic, are in danger of disappointment in their descendants.

The danger is a corrupt president and the obsequious-sycophant members of Congress who remain silent in support and not in opposition to the president’s and their corruption. Silent in their support of a corrupt administration.

The reason the members of Congress are silent is the overwhelming need to continue to increase their wealth by using insider information, continue to be the puppets for lobbyists, big businesses, and big donors. They have sold their ethics, if they had them, their integrity, if they had it, and their souls to Mephistopheles when they took money, not effectively disguised as a campaign contribution, and then voted as requested by the donor.

Additionally, the appropriate members want to use the base of voters dedicated to the reelection and support of the avaricious-megalomaniac con man, *trump. As an anti-Semite, bigot, habitual liar, homomaniac, misogynist, racist, sexual predator, and white supremacist, he sets an example for his followers. It is alright to conduct themselves like him, engage, and enjoy the practices of the same unacceptable and troublesome misconduct without consequences. trump’s followers imitate his prejudices. It is alright to engage in domestic terrorism and to murder the innocent in the name of white supremacy. The president is, and his followers are cowards.

The trump administration is using the model used by Adolph Hitler to unite Germany. The coward, Hitler, massacred and persecuted a defenseless minority, the Jews, to unite the non-Jews from within. Then Hitler united the German people further from without in going to war. trump, the coward, persecutes a defenseless minority, immigrants, for his purpose of uniting his base of voters, the delusionals and gullibles.

The traitor, trump, committed crimes against humanity when he separated immigrant children from their immigrant parents. Then, he intentionally allowed mistreatment and killing of children and parents.

Good People, what are we to do about this wannabe dictator, traitor, and tyrant? I suggest you support trump’s impeachment, a guilty verdict in the Senate, his removal from office, indictments for his crimes, convictions for his crimes, and inducting him for life in solitary confinement so he can enjoy his every wish and desire — his good company and his imaginary wealth. For he does not care one whit about anyone else and only loves money — his god.

If the Senate does not convict trump, vote on November 3, 2020, to remove this cancer in the White House, his obsequious-sycophants supporters from Congress, and save our Republic.

Comments are always welcome at https://www.danielmcneet.com/blog/ to thank you, Good People, for your years of friendship.

*Lowercase t for trump to demonstrate the maximum disrespect for the president who only cares about himself and not one whit for the hardworking Good People of America.

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