No Death No Religion

by Daniel McNeet on April 25, 2012

Good day, good people.

For the devotees of the English Language: An illusion is a false belief about something or somebody.

All humans want the same two things — to survive and be happy. Survival and happiness are relative terms depending on the humans in their culture.

Religious organizations engage in community-social services and are a benefit. But like all things in life, some religious organizations have flaws which are detrimental to the faithful.

It appears to me without death there would be no need for religion. The theologians, clergy, Imams, priests, pastors and religious proselytizers, leaders and purveyors, of all religions and cults in every culture tell their followers the hereafter will provide them with everlasting life. The religious followers, proselytes, believe this life on earth in comparison is just a gateway. One of the interesting parts of this scenario is, of course, there are never any complaints that there is no hereafter from the deceased-proselytes. This is good for the proselytizers-purveyors. This keeps what they have in stock intact and does not interfere with new sales. If they did not have death as a marketing tool what would they use to create the same fear and guilt in the faithful?

You must remember, religion is just another business venture in which the proselytizers-purveyors have made the decision to go into an enterprise so they can survive by earning money and be happy. One of the advantages of religious enterprises in some jurisdictions is: there income is tax free — a good way to accumulate wealth quickly and they do.

In 1893 a Jesuit priest, Friar F.X. Schouppe wrote a book called Purgatory which was authorized by the Vatican. It compiled the lives of saints. He admits he does not know where heaven or hell is and can prove it exists. He tells the reader everyone goes to purgatory first including those who become saints later. In order to get out of purgatory your friends and relatives must pray for you and give alms to the church. So, if you have no friends or relatives and/or no money, your chances of leaving this way station are bleak — assuming it exists. Logically it does not either. For if there is no heaven or hell, it does not matter if anyone prays for you or gives money to the Catholic Church. Although for the faithful who believe without logic proof, it is another way for the church to generate more income from them after their loved one is dead. After all, no one wants their loved one to remain in non-existent purgatory.

Constantine, then Roman Emperor of the East, ended the persecution of the Christians in 323BC He commissioned the Council of Nicaea in 325BC. It was for a business purpose. The pagan sun god Mithras was worshipped at this time. Christianity was on the rise. There was unrest between the pagans and the Christians — not good for business.

Tolerance equals social justice. The faithful believe we are all God’s children. If so, there should be no discrimination by religious organizations against any of them. Yet, some discriminate against some of His children — lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgenders, LBGTs.

The Vatican has castigated nuns who belong to The Leadership Conference of Women Religious and Network which is a part of the conference. Network is an organization of tens of thousands of nuns who lobby for social justice. Network has supported the Obama healthcare reform bill. Also, the nuns have not spoken out on “the right to life from conception to natural death.” The Holy See does not want the nuns to disagree with church doctrine, because the bishops are the teachers of faith and morals — an illusion. The bishops are in no position to teach anyone about morals or a moral sense — it is a corrupt culture. In fact the bishops could use some instruction from the nuns they are insulting, oppressing and trying to repress.
Nuns in the conference and Network administer to LBGTs, oppose the ordination of men only as priests, and are not out spoken against abortion and same-sex marriage.

It is inconceivable the Vatican would criticize nuns for their social justice work and at the same time knowing permit their priests to engage in pedophilia without any concern for the victims but only having concern for covering up child abuse and allowing the priests to continue to molest children. The poor judgment of the Holy See has cost the church hundreds of millions of dollars paid to victims and attorneys. But then again, the Catholic church with its celibacy policy has always been a safe haven for homosexuality. Maybe, the misguided in the Vatican believe the criticism of the nuns will cause the public to forget that pedophilia is legal in the Catholic church as long as you do not get caught — not a possibility. It is hypocritical to castigate nuns for caring for LBGTs while the Vatican knowingly allows homosexual activity to flourish.

Homosexuality does not produce Catholics. The result would be less people producing less money going to the church. If the Vatican was genuinely and honestly against homosexuality, it would not condone and cover up the practice among the bishops and priests. Therefore, logic dictates the reason for Holy See’s position is money.

If there was no fear of retribution after death, what would keep the masses in line? Would we need a larger police force, National Guard or Army? Or, would there be an organization to teach people how to live a good life and not call it a religion. But who will define how to lead a good life?

What is your thought on the Vatican’s criticism of their nuns whom engage in social justice work? What is though on the other question above?

Contacting me with comments and constructive criticisms with honesty and pleasantness their constant companions will always be welcomed.


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