Freedom of the Press?

by Daniel McNeet on June 6, 2012

Good day, good people.

For devotees of the English language: Bloviate is an intransitive verb. It means to speak verbosely, windily and in a pompous self-aggrandizing and self-promoting manner.

The American people do not have the right to know everything the government does, because it would nullify national security. The problem is the government’s abuse of the two words — national security. The abuse impedes the people’s right to know.

Retrieving accurate information is almost impossible from a government, big corporations also known as sovereigns, a disrespected Congress and self-promoting politicians whom have a long and distinguished record of éclat in not providing any and have no respect for their employer — the American people. Donald Trump is an example of a bloviating politician. Politicians should wear patches attached to their clothing so the public can determine who owns them. This way when they speak, the listeners can determine the veracity of what they are trying to sell.

The media is the means for mass communication, including but not limited to television, radio, magazines and newspapers. They all have the right to produce editorials if they wish. They do not have the right to pass off an editorial or part of one and try to disguise it as news. The sovereigns which own media companies have a bad habit of believing they are above the law and pressuring their employees in to producing news which puts forth the political position of the owner in order to influence the viewer. Fox News known as the alternative knowledge network immediately comes to mind.

When the facts, the news, is filtered for the benefit of the sovereign it is no longer the cornerstone of freedom and a liberal democracy — the United States of America.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” And this includes presidents of the United States

Ben Bradlee the former editor of the Washington Post allowed and supported the intrepid Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward who exposed Richard Nixon and members of his staff for the criminals they were. The only problem was Gerald Ford. He pardoned Nixon and set a bad example for all of the criminals whom followed who also believed they were and are above the law. The cabal in the Cheney administration comes to mind. Our heroes are the investigative journalists who uncover and write about corruption in and out of government.

The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case allowed corporations and people to donate in secrecy to 501c4 corporations unlimited money which in turn could be given to political campaigns. This undermines the integrity of the election. The Super Pacs will be trying to buy elections to the detriment of a liberal democracy. They want to fool the voting public. The voters need to be discerning. Is the voting public going to be deceived by these untrue television commercials? Be aware, Mr. and Ms. America, the rich are trying to buy your vote, and it is in peril. Be steadfast, investigate your potential candidate and make sure you are going to get what you vote for and not get the puppet of a secret donor to a Super Pac.

The voters in California were smart and saw through the money barrage of one hundred and forty-five million dollars Meg Whitman spent of her own money in trying to buy a governorship. She was defeated. Be vigilant America.

What is your thought on the contribution a free press makes to our society? What is your thought on receiving slanted or editorials passed off as news? What is your thought on the Supreme Court reversing the decision in the Citizens United case so the corporations and wealthy donors must be identified and not be allowed to contribute unlimited money to political campaigns?

I hope this post will give you something to consider. To be successful you must understand other people’s opinions and care about them.

Contacting me with comments and constructive criticisms with honesty and pleasantness their constant companions will always be welcomed. Or, you may click on the Facebook or Twitter icons under the graphic of Operation Downfall at the bottom of the page.

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Steven Whitney June 10, 2012 at 12:54 am

On point, as usual. An amnesiac society, like the one we apparently live in, must constantly be reminded of efforts to wrest freedom and equity from its people. And Mr. McNeet is just the person to do so.


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