The International Olympic Committee

by Daniel McNeet on July 26, 2016

The clean athletes and countries which are not engaged in doping are disillusioned with the IOC’s decision not to ban Russian athletes from participating in the summer games in Brazil.

Actually, the outrage would be a better word. The IOC’s executive board shirked its responsibility when it passed its responsibility to the individual federations for each sport. The American slang expression is: “They passed the buck.”

I wonder if the executive board’s decision had anything to do with the money paid by Russia to get the winter games in Sochi and the fifty billion dollars Putin spent building the facilities for the winter games in Sochi? How much did the IOC decision-makers receive of that money?

This decision by the IOC is insulting to clean athletes worldwide. The United States Doping Agency is appalled by the IOC decision. Now Russia will have to go about bribing the individual decision makers in each sports’ federations. There are twenty-eight international federations.

The World Anti-Doping Agency, WAD, published a report setting forth the organized cheating among the Russian coaches, athletes, and Russian decision makers. The decision-makers admitted the doping had been going on since the East German athletes were caught doping. The Russian lab officials were switching urine samples which showed athletes with clean samples from the same athletes so the DNA would be the same when they were not doping before competitions.

The story sounds like the bribery of the FIFA officials in international soccer. Do we need a posse to find honest decision makers in the IOC and the twenty-eight federations? Isn’t there some way we can prevent this ongoing corruption in international sports? Is the corruption hiding in these sea caves?

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