Dark Money

by Daniel McNeet on July 20, 2016

The word for today is Congener. It is a noun and means a thing or person of the same kind or class as another.

Which reminds me of America’s billionaires giving money to political campaigns and PACs without having to disclose their identities. The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission allowed the congeners to try to buy the outcome of elections contrary to the desires of the American voters.

Transparency of financial contributions to politicians and their political campaigns is essential for our liberal republic, the United States of America, to conduct its business pursuit to the wishes of the founding fathers of the first-republic experiment.

It is necessary for the voting public to be informed as to who is doing what with whom and for the donors and the recipients of money to disclose the transactions so the bribes given not effectively disguised as campaign contributions can be exposed so the voter can make an unbiased decision how to vote. No one believes large contributions are given to politicians for good government.

Fortunately, California leads the nation in donor transparency. Some other states and cities are trying the California methods of transparency. Austin, Texas, New York City, Montana, and Connecticut come to mind.

Prominent billionaires, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and others see nothing wrong in spending their money to gain influence in the operation of the federal government via the presidency, Congress, and the governors and state legislators. The state legislators pass voter ID laws which attempt to limit the poor and other minorities who have the right to vote from voting.

Until the American people realize that a few are trying to control the many, the American voter will have no chance to make an informed decision. They need to take this stairway to enlightenment.

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Stairway to Enlightenment

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