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by Daniel McNeet on June 20, 2012

Good day, good people.

For devotees of the English language: Illude is to deceive or trick.

When the recession began in 2008 due to the fraud committed by the financial services industry and the banks, I read about the denigrating names the sales people at Goldman Sachs were calling their customers. The names were synonymous for suckers and for good reason. The sales people were selling them toxic collateralized mortgage obligations, CMOs, and telling the suckers they were AAA quality and guaranteed. They were not AAA and the sales people knew it. The ratings-companies’ incompetence, negligence or financial incentives caused the inexcusable ratings. When I read about the enormous out-of-proportion bonuses paid to these people for committing fraud, I found myself thinking about the corrupt culture in the banks and financial services industry.

People who engage in this type of activity worship the money god — Greed. They suffer from anti-social personality disorder, ASPD, formerly sociopath. They and their ilk live in a Me Society. They are only interested in self. They are without a moral sense. They do not care one whit for anyone except me and will do whatever it takes to illude a target — customer or potential customer.

If they cared a whit for anyone whom they caused a financial loss and there are thousands, they would have done something about it. But they have not nor does anyone expect them to no matter how hard the victims beg them as a result of the Me Society’s amoral-illegal activities — today’s robber barons. They need to travel with Virgil to Cocytus.

Now that I am older than I was previously, I see the answer is to be a member of the Others Society. Members of this society are dedicated to putting the benefit of others before themselves. You start with family — it is first on the list of consideration for others. Membership in this society is emotionally rewarding and one looks forward to its successes. How can you not try and help your fellow man — the deserving?

There appears to be a change in society’s attitude toward the homeless and poor. A lack of empathy and compassion exists for the people who helped build this great nation. Many have lost their financial ability to care for themselves due to the humanitarian and predatory practices of the banks and the financial services industry. When one has given all they can give toward being productive to the government and corporations they become expendable. The members of the Me Society whom control the U.S. would like to eliminate the cost of supporting the homeless and poor. When members of Congress debate health care, social security, Medicare and the budget they target cuts to the homeless, poor, the vulnerable and those without lobbyists. What they are not saying but mean is: it would be better to turn these nonproductive people who are an impediment to our financial growth and who do not pay taxes into food. These people would be processed through the Soylent Green factory and turned into food wafers which could be sold at a profit to third-world countries.

I looked for a solution to the homeless and poor problems on the Internet. I found the Rona Barrett Foundation website — impressive. There are many men and women who are orphaned seniors and homeless. The Rona Barrett Foundation has a plan to alleviate this national problem, because our government has not — yet. It is a place where orphaned seniors and the like can live in a place for the remainder of their lives. As they age and possibly change their needs will be met. Financial security is fragile, you may need the foundation’s Golden Inn and Village help one day in the future; but I hope not. Do not standby and wait for someone else to help. The Foundation may be contacted at Rona Barrett Foundation.

What is your thought on the contribution you can make by being a member of the Others Society?

I hope this post will give you something to consider. To be successful you must understand other people’s opinions and care about them with compassion and empathy.

I care about your opinion. Contacting me with comments and constructive criticisms at Daniel McNeet with honesty and pleasantness their constant companions will always be welcomed. Or, you may click on the Facebook or Twitter icons under the graphic of Operation Downfall at the bottom of the page.

Peace Of Mind

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