California’s Corrupt Legislators

September 3, 2017
Imitation of Obesity

The last of August is the season for egregious bribery to members of the California legislature. Lobbyist and special interest groups meet members of the legislature in different venues. […]

A Ticket to Hell

March 12, 2017
Sink Hole

Here is an honest evaluation of Donald J. Trump, a narcissitic black hole, by Charles M. Blow. Donald Trump has spent his whole life overselling an overinflated vision of […]

I Love You

August 12, 2016
Woman Sleeping

For the new-word hungry among us the word today is: Locum Tenens. It means a substitute. Merriam-Webster and I have had a long and satisfactory relationship. I have never […]

The International Olympic Committee

July 26, 2016
Water Cave

The clean athletes and countries which are not engaged in doping are disillusioned with the IOC’s decision not to ban Russian athletes from participating in the summer games in […]

Dark Money

July 20, 2016
Stairway to Enlightenment

The word for today is Congener. It is a noun and means a thing or person of the same kind or class as another. Which reminds me of America’s […]

Biases and Unknown Biases

July 15, 2016
American Indian On Christians

For the linguaphiles among us, the word for the day is: Helotry, it is a noun. It means slavery. All humans have biases known and unknown including law enforcement […]


July 7, 2016

Good day, good people. For devotees of the English language: Eremophobia is a noun. It is the fear of being left alone. There is no “us” and logic dictates […]